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Flavour Beast

Flavour Beast E-Liquid

Flavour Beast E-Liquid

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Experience the extraordinary with Flavour Beast Salt Nic E-Liquid, where strong, bold flavors and ultra-quality ingredients combine to deliver the best e-juice in Canada, right near you. Our ultra-sweet flavors are a testament to our commitment to providing an unmatched vaping experience, with each puff bursting with sweetness and satisfaction.

Discover the beast within your vaping adventure and explore our diverse range of e-liquid flavors. Flavour Beast is your go-to source for the boldest, most delectable e-juices available, setting a new standard for your vaping enjoyment.

Key Features:

  • Strong, bold flavours
  • High quality ingredients
  • Ultra-sweet flavours

VG to PG Ratio: 40/60

Available Strengths: 20MG

Available Flavours:

  • Wild White Grape Iced - Ayo, check these incredibly plump and delectable white grapes out! Flavour so on point, it’s wild!
  • Extreme Mint Iced - Caution: this potent minty fresh flavour is not for the weak. It’s not strong, it’s EXTREME.
  • Mad Mango Peach - Taste the madness with a powerful combination of succulent mangoes and luminous peaches!
  • Boss Blueberry Iced - Throw on some shades and be the Flavour Beast boss with this exquisite berry blast of plump blueberries!
  • Gusto Green Apple - Enjoy heavenly slices of green apples that are so good that you’d be coming back for mo’!
  • Watermelon G - Grab a piece and enjoy the taste of a wonderful watermelon delight!
  • Dreamy Dragonfruit Lychee Iced - Sink your tastebuds into a wonderful dream filled with deep and rich dragonfruit notes paired melodically with chilled bites of sweet lychee!
  • Weekend Watermelon Iced - Power through your weekend adventures with marvelous bites of fresh watermelon!
  • STR8 UP Strawberry Banana Iced - A refreshing blend of frozen strawberries and bananas! Keepin’ it real for y’all, no cap!
  • Hip Honeydew Mango Iced - Take your tastebuds on a trip and dip into mouthfuls of smooth and juicy honeydew slices, perfectly paired with mouth-watering mango bites. An iced-out flavour so hip, that you won’t want to skip!
  • Loco Cocoa Latte - Go crazy with a cup of kicking flavour that’s smooth and rich with frothy hints of cocoa!
  • Bussin' Banana Iced - Search no more for the best tasting banana flavour that your tastebuds have ever had the pleasure of tasting. It’s not disgusting, it’s BUSSIN!
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