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STLTH Snap Pod Pack

STLTH Snap Pod Pack

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Discover STLTH SNAP Pods, a new generation of STLTH pods made for seamless compatibility with the STLTH TYPE-C Device. These innovative vape pods are crafted with a unique nicotine formulation carefully tailored to provide adult smokers with an exceptionally seamless shift into vaping. STLTH SNAP Pods also boast a user-friendly visible e-liquid design, ensuring you can monitor your vape juice levels at a glance. These pods deliver enhanced flavour and airflow through the use of vertical mesh coil technology, elevating your satisfaction to new heights.

For those who appreciate the timeless taste of tobacco, the STLTH SNAP Tobacco Series presents an impressive array of 14 distinct tobacco blend flavours to suit your discerning palate. Get ready to enjoy a whole new level of vaping satisfaction with STLTH SNAP!

Each STLTH SNAP POD PACK includes two 2.0 mL pre-filled pod cartridges, fitted with pre-installed freshness rods. Simply remove the rod to vape instantly.


  • Designed for the STLTH Type-C Device
  • Visible E-liquid Design
  • Integrated Vertical Mesh Coil For Enhanced Flavour Delivery
  • Includes Two 2.0 mL Pod Cartridges Per Pack

Available Flavours:

  • British Tobacco
  • Morocco Tobacco
  • Madagascar Tobacco
  • Misty Clear Tobacco
  • Smooth Tobacco
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